The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Reading in Adults and Kids

The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Reading in Adults and Kids

In celebration of national Read a Book Day, let’s look at 6 health benefits of reading, as noted by Ana Fleet in General Health

1.       Readers live happier lives-  those who read 30 minutes a day report overall satisfaction in life, social connectedness and happiness.

2.      Readers experience less anxiety and depression, so reading boosts your mental health, and may even stimulate the brain in efforts to prevent dementia.

3.      Reading encourages tolerance and empathy- opening your mind to other cultures, places and experiences which leads to more tolerance of other views in our world.

4.      Reading can reduce chronic pain- in the UK, researchers found reading helps with physical pain and emotional pain.

5.      Reading helps you have a clearer view of real life, which may lead to new perspectives on a situation or strategies to cope.

6.      Reading provides a mental challenge that may prevent memory loss or damage such as with Alzheimer’s disease.


**A fun "app" to consider is GoodReads.  You can see what your friends are reading, suggest a book to a friend, get information on books, and much more.

For children, the benefits of reading are lifelong.  Reading to your child:

1.       Opens their minds to the world around them.

2.      Teaches them empathy

3.      Engages them in an activity that builds self-control or patience as they sit with you

4.      Often leads to a broader vocabulary

5.      Builds their sense of imagination

6.      Is an activity that bonds the two of you as you spend time together

7.      Often leads to achievement with learning at school

8.      Improves their own reading skills

9.      Is a fun activity

10.    Exercises their brain

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